Why Not Be Positive?


Think for a second or two. Think of that thing you want to try. Think of that goal you want to reach. Think of the type of influence you want to have on your family, friends, community, country, even the world! For some of you this may be easy, some of you this may take more than a second, or two seconds, or two minutes. Some of you may want to influence the world, some of you may not have plans that large. Some of you may already have goals in mind or on paper, some of you may not have had anyone ask you these questions before. So take some time and think about it. Now, how many of you wrote some of those things down? Or how many of you thought of them and didn’t write them down because “I can’t do that” or “that’s not possible”? Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right – Henry Ford. Little fun fact for you, that is my favourite quote.

When you have something you want to do or achieve how do you approach it? Is the first thing that comes to mind “I can’t” or “that’s too hard”? Or do you tell yourself “I can” or “I’ll do my best”. Thinking in a positive light can help to keep, or start, your life going in a positive direction. If you don’t think you can do something, chances are you wont do it, whether you actually “try” or not. If you think you can do it, at least you give yourself a fighting chance rather than accepting defeat before you even start. I know that life ain’t ALL sunshine and rainbows but there is sunshine and rainbows here and there throughout it. Why not try to have as much sunshine and as many rainbows as you can? Sometimes the rain might go on for a bit longer than you would like, but if you stay positive and keep trying, eventually the sun and rainbow will show up. And when they do, it will all have been worth it. And if you fail, contrary to popular belief, the world will not end. Failing isn’t fun but it’s not bad either. In most day-to-day situations it gives you an opportunity to try again or refocus with a better approach and more knowledge and experience.

So next time you want to achieve a goal, or try something new, say “I Can” instead of “I Can’t”. You never know how soon the sunshine and rainbow might make an appearance.

Stay Positive and Go Get It!



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