Squat Every Day: Week 3


Week 3 in the books and it wasn’t easy. This week was a big mental challenge for me, as well as obviously physical but more mental and here is why. First off, because I get bored really quick I wanted to add in a few more workouts and see how my body reacted. So I added in two CrossFit classes. One on Thursday and one on Friday. Thursday went really well (I’ll touch on that more in a bit) and Friday was a grind mainly because it was just plain old hard workout (CrossFit Games Regional WOD #6). Secondly I think that the squats are starting to accumulate on my body and my mind. This is not a surprise. I knew there would come a point where my body couldn’t keep adding weight to the bar. The part that surprised me is that my mentality towards the squats went first, I think it is a sign of things to come for my body.

The biggest mental block is coming from not respecting the numbers. This week my back squat went up again and got me to 10lbs off of a double body weight Back Squat. That was really cool for about two days and then that excitement wore off and all I want to do now is back squat double my body weight. It doesn’t matter where I started I just want to reach the next goal. This can cause issues because it then seems like you are just constantly chasing goals and never enjoying the ones you reached. It wasn’t until I sat down and looked at my starting numbers and compared them to now that I saw the progress I had made. In these three weeks my back squat has gone from 310lbs to 345lbs. That is 35lbs in 21 days, not bad. In those same three weeks my front squat has gone from 270lbs to 295lbs. A 25lbs increase in 21 days, respectable. That is when I really seen how well this was working for me. So this next week coming up I am looking at what I have done rather than looking how far I still have to go and hopefully that will help me get mentally back in the game. This week I am also taking away the CrossFit classes and serious gymnastic training. The reason for subtracting this is that I want to see where the tipping point is for my body in relation to just the squats. Originally I had thought I would ease my way into the “squat every day” plan and then in weeks three and four I would add in more training to see how much total volume of training my body could handle. Then I talked with a few of the other coaches at the gym and kind of revamped my plan. I am still getting gains from just doing squats so why change. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. So that is the reasoning behind going back to purely squats, deadlifts, lunges, and bench press. I will still sprinkle in some things like handstand work or pull-up work because that is low impact so it will not hamper the gains from squats. Plus I really enjoy playing around with gymnastics and I need to get back to having fun in the gym as apposed to just beating myself down every day.

Along with keeping in some fun gymnastics I am also going to keep doing the close grip bench press. This week was the first week adding in some bench press and it went well. Managed to keep my close grip bench press at my previous PR even after neglecting all upper body work for two weeks (normally that would have set me back 2 months). Another really cool thing that happened in my training this week was on Thursday when I was in class. The workout was (30 wall ball + 30 Burpees + rest 3 min) X3. Up to this point the most wall ball I had done unbroken was 20. On this day I did my squats in the morning (I prefer to get them done nice and early), then came back in the afternoon and did the class WOD at the gym. This was the first time I had ever done 30 wall ball straight and it felt great. Then to make it even better not only did I go straight through in round one, but also round 2 and round 3. I was pretty happy with myself even if we did have a 3 minute break between each round.

One day that I was not excited for from the beginning of the week was the front-back squat day. I did it again this week so I could get it away from the 10 second pause squats (doing them in week four). In case you were wondering, front-back squats still suck.

Looks like this week I have to take some of my own advice, which I leave you with at the end of all my posts.

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Stay Positive, Be Better, and Go Get It!


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