About “Blogg About That”

A bit of this about a bit of that.

When I was travelling around Fiji, Australia, and New Zealand I wrote about my adventures and stories I heard along the way on a different blog. If you want to check out my stories from travelling here is that blog: https://jcannon12.wordpress.com/

It was mainly to keep my family and friends back home informed on where I was, what I was doing, and so they knew I was still alive. That is where I was surprised to find out that I actually kind of liked writing. I am not a “a post a week” guy or even a “a post a month” guy, I just post something when I feel like writing. I am not an English major, as you can probably tell by reading my posts, or a journalist, or anything like that. I am just a guy who likes to write about things that happen, things that I think might help people, or about books I’ve read. None of it is scientific or proven, it is just stuff I think about and type it out.

So if, every once in a while, you want to read a bit of this about a bit of that then Blogg About That is the place for you.

Stay Positive and Go Get It!


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A bit of this about a bit of that

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